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Operation Outsourcing / 業務代行サービス

Order Management & Warehousing Service

Let us take care of your customers needs so that you can focus on expanding your S-A-L-E-S....Kaga USA and Kaga Japan collaborate to offer complete Operation Service for your customers in North America

Kaga Electronics (USA) Inc. では、日系企業様向けの北米業務受託サービスを提供しています。

Your Benefits:

Turnkey office operations including warehousing services to support your North America sales channels.

  • No employees to hire or manage
  • No long term commitments (i.e building leases, office equipment)
  • Reduction of time in starting the sales process
  • On-time order fulfillment
  • Partnering with a company who has been providing this service for over 10 years
  • Ability to structure the service to fit your companies exact needs


  • 御社での人材確保およびマネージメントが不要
  • 長期契約が不要 (例:事務所リース、オフィス機材など)
  • 立ち上げ時間の削減が可能
  • 時差を感じさせないお客様対応
  • 信頼できる提携パートナー (実績十年以上)
  • 御社の要求に合わせられるフレシキブルな対応
  • Lot番号管理にもとづく品質管理と迅速な対応

Flow of Your Business:

Primary Operation Capabilities:

  • Order management via client's system
  • Forecast and delivery schedule management via client's system
  • Communication with client's North American customers regarding delivery schedule and other operational matters based on data in client's system
  • Shipping instruction and management in cooperation with local logistics bases
  • Invoicing
  • Accounts receivable collection and clearing
  • Inventory control and stocktaking


  • 委託顧客システムでの受発注管理
  • 委託顧客システムでのフォーキャスト・納期管理
  • 委託顧客システム内でのデータをもとに原始お客様との納期管理・コミュニケーション
  • 現地物流拠点と提携した出荷指示・管理
  • 出荷済み製品の請求書作成・お客様への送付
  • 売掛金消し込み・回収
  • 在庫管理・棚卸し